• Lidice
    Cities,  Trips

    Lidice: Final Solution of the WW2

    The village Lidice supposed to be wiped off the map during WW2. In 1942, Hitler ordered to kill all the inhabitants, after the successful assassination of Nazi ruler Reinhard Heydrich. If you are interested in the story behind the disappearance of…

  • Terezín
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    Terezín: Memorial of the Painful History

    Originally, Terezín was constructed as a fortress to defend Bohemian lands. Paradoxically, it became a prison for people defending their country and for people of Jewish origin. What I found interesting are two different faces of Terezín, because life in Small…

  • DOX
    Culture,  Prague

    DOX: The Center for Contemporary Art

    The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art was selected as the best gallery in Prague by the local visitors already several times. This gallery has exceptional exhibitions reflecting current topics in our society. Furthermore, on the top of the DOX, you can…

  • State Opera Prague
    Culture,  Prague

    State Opera: High Level Experience

    The State Opera finally opened its doors after a three-year renovation period. This majestic building offers top-class performances of opera and ballet. Let`s explore more about the repertoire and the surprising history of the building.   Experience the State Opera Visiting…

  • SAPA Prague
    City walks,  Prague

    SAPA: Little Vietnam in Prague

    Have you heard about the Vietnamese district in Prague called SAPA or Prague’s “Little Hanoi”? It is a genuinely different world with authentic Vietnamese food, Buddhist temple, and street vendors. Let’s explore more what this place can offer to one day…