• Bohemian Switzerland

    Bohemian Switzerland: Hiking to Pravčická Gate

    Just two hours from Prague, you have a perfect hiking destination – Bohemian Switzerland. Besides the photogenic views to hilly countryside and Elbe river, you should not miss a unique stone arch called Pravčická Gate, the symbol of this national park.…

  • Raná, Central Bohemian Uplands

    Offroadsafari: Central Bohemian Uplands

    According to the legend, Bohemia was established in the area of Central Bohemian Uplands. Thanks to the fertile land and hills of volcanic origin, the tribe of Bohemians decided to settle down. Today, this mystical area is standing out of the…

  • Český Ráj - Bohemian Paradise

    Český Ráj: Bohemian Paradise

    Bohemian Paradise sounds very promising. Let your imagination works for a while and visualize deep forests, ruins of old castles, dramatic rock formations, breathtaking views, caves, relaxing ponds, numerous water springs, folk villages, and many, many touristic trails.   Bohemian Paradise…

  • Trips

    Kokořínsko: Magic of the Deep Forrest

    Kokořínsko is completely my hearth issue. It’s an area full of deep forests, magical nature, beautiful castles, traditional restaurants, and typical Czech pubs. I grow up in this area and spend practically my childhood here. I would love to show you…

  • Trips

    Kersko: Nostalgia of Czech History

    Do you want to enjoy the beautiful historical city, a boat trip by the river, traditional Czech restaurant and hiking in the Czech countryside in one day? You can explore all of it in Kersko, region famous by the Czech prosaic…

  • Trips

    Máj Lookout: Hidden Gem Near Prague

    Do you feel like you want to get out of the city straight away but not having time for a whole day hiking? Just a few kilometers south of Prague you will find this hidden gem called “Vyhlídka Máj”.   Máj…