About me



I am Jane, and I love exploring the beauties of the Czech Republic. I already traveled around 50 states and lived in 6 countries, but I still love coming back home and enjoy my beloved country.


Everything started in spring 2018 when I resigned from international politics. I was a bit tired from weekly flights across Europe and around the world. I slowly realized that I could have all the excitement from traveling, even around Prague and the Czech Republic. So, I set up Czech by Jane and started to post tips for interesting places to visit.


During my studies abroad in Paris, Washington DC, Tel Aviv, and Amsterdam, I met interesting people. They always ask me about Prague and travel around the Czech Republic. This interest continued during my work in international politics, and I already prepared a list for my friends, what they should visit. However, it missed the pictures, and I love photographing. One more reason to set up a blog.


This passion for discovering interesting places brings me to the Amazing Places, where I contribute to enlarging the map of quality accommodation around the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This project is truly unique, and I would recommend you to check it as well.


I want to invite you for a tour around Prague and the Czech Republic. My inspiration for new places is almost endless, so you can still expect new tips. If you want to receive new tips regularly, click follow on Facebook. For picture lovers, there is an Instagram. I hope you like it. If not, feedback is welcomed, anyway 😊