• Lidice
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    Lidice: Final Solution of the WW2

    The village Lidice supposed to be wiped off the map during WW2. In 1942, Hitler ordered to kill all the inhabitants, after the successful assassination of Nazi ruler Reinhard Heydrich. If you are interested in the story behind the disappearance of…

  • Terezín
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    Terezín: Memorial of the Painful History

    Originally, Terezín was constructed as a fortress to defend Bohemian lands. Paradoxically, it became a prison for people defending their country and for people of Jewish origin. What I found interesting are two different faces of Terezín, because life in Small…

  • Olomouc
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    Olomouc: Guide for Beginners

    According to the Lonely Planet, Olomouc is the most underrated places in the Czech Republic. This beautiful city is still standing aside to the touristic path. It means you can still enjoy an authentic Czech city life that is thriving thanks…

  • Tábor
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    Tábor: City Arisen from Protestantism

    This charming city gives you a feeling of Czech history and the great picture of the Czech lifestyle out of Prague. Tabor shaped the history of Bohemia and the whole of Europe thanks to its protestant movement, far before Martin Luther.…