Momoichi Coffetearia
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Momoichi Coffetearia: Bistro with Japanese Touch

Find the Japanese atmosphere not far from the city center. Enjoy the minimalist design with lanterns changing their color, pleasant modern Japanese music and the food specialties ranging from Japan to the Middle East. The name coffetearia makes clear that this is not just a café and provides a good quality tea as well. The concept is unique, and the place is delightful. So, when you are around, stop by and try yourself.


Momoichi Menu

The menu is carefully designed to provide tastes from countries alongside the Silk Road. Specialties range from Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Middle East, so you can even have hummus on Lebanese or Palestinian style. However, the Japanese culinary specialties dominate. Especially matcha is omnipresent, mostly in the deserts that vary every day. Both coffees and teas are prepared in a traditional Japanese way. Besides this great choice of specialties, Momoichi organizes a number of activities, from the special offers of Japanese food, Asian flea market, various workshops, and regular yoga classes. For actual program have a look here.

I completely fell in love with the red cappuccino made from Rooibos tea, full of antioxidants and no caffeine. I can also recommend the Asian style crisp green salad since I love coriander, but I understand that not everybody is a fan of that. As a desert, I enjoyed matcha pancakes that were really delicious. Not so sweet, just the way I like it.

Momoichi Coffetearia

Momoichi Coffetearia

Momoichi Coffetearia

Momoichi Coffetearia


How to get to Momoichi Coffetearia:

Take a green metro line until the stop Náměstí míru. Getting outside, you will see a vast church and behind a theater called Vinohradské divadlo. Behind the theater is a Římská street, so continue until the number 35 and find the enormous green doors with balcony above it. Here you are.

Momoichi Coffetearia


Address: Římská 35, Prague

Map: click here




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