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Kasárna Karlín: From Military Barracks to the Public Space

Find this perfect spot for summer cinema, beach volleyball, relax with friends and various cultural events. Kasárna Karlín is a former barracks that crumbled for several years. Now it’s a lively place that is changing just before your eyes.


Kasárna is a former military barracks that fall into the ruins over time. Currently, its owned by the Ministry of Justice which allows creating a public space here, before it will be turned into the renovated Justice Palace in the near future.


Courtyard of Kasárna

When I entered this former barracks for the first time, I was surprised to see the devastated area, that actually has a real spirit. My first sight immediately fell on the high tower that offers a great view of the entire complex of the building. I had to climb it and enjoy this great view. In the courtyard is plenty of space with a huge screen in the middle for a summer cinema and plenty of beach chairs. For the actual program, have a look on their Facebook page here. The summer cinema is not the only activity that you can enjoy. You can even hire a playground for a beach volleyball in the summer or borrow ice-skate and jump into the ice-rink in the winter. Kasarna is also a popular place for families where you can let your children play in the sandbox or at the small climbing wall.


Café and Bars

There are even enough places to buy something for a drink. I like the most Café Bazén, that means Pool in translation. The name of this café has a real ground of it. Just next to the sitting area, you can enter a separate room with a real pool. It does not serve its original purpose, but you can sit there with your drink or have a private event there.


Inside Secrets

The whole complex is not always open to the public. However, there are occasional exhibitions and performances. Check the actual program here.

What I found interesting is the inside cinema. If the weather does not allow the outside projections, it can be easily moved inside. Originally, this cinema served for a military orchestra so you can found here original soundproof walls.

I love this place for summer hangout. Check it and let me know, what do you like the most.


How to get to Kasárna Karlín

These former military barracks might not be so easy to find. Yes, of course, they are huge, but part of the regular urban area, so you might easily overlook it. The closest public transport is bus stop Pernerova. Then, look around towards stone aqueduct, that is currently under the reconstruction. Just follow this direction, cross under this aqueduct and find this huge brown gate on the picture above.

Nearby, you can find a very unique Parlor Café designed in retro-modern style. Definitely worthwhile to try as well.


Address: Prvního pluku 20/2

Map: click here




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