Manifesto Market
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Manifesto Market: Your Foodgasm Under the Bridge

This market is a completely unique experience. Make your stomach happy with great food prepared by chefs from the well-known Prague restaurants. Your eyes appreciate greatly designed space and your mind will certainly enjoy a cultural program of great music, pleasant summer cinema, and interesting workshops.


An Extraordinary Food Market

This combination of gastronomic and cultural concept with a minimalist design is completely a great choice for your visit. You can find here about 27 containers with well-chosen menus from popular restaurants around Prague. They are changing over time, so you can always discover something new. What I really like is using upcycling materials for your dishes. Besides all the great choice of food, you can enjoy great music, summer cinema, interesting workshops and shopping of small Czech brands. This place is completely cashless so you can pay only with your card.

This great place is designed to make you happy only for two years. The developers plan to build up a business district designed by the famous architect Zaha Hadid. Don’t worry, the Manifesto Market will not be lost forever. They plan to move to a different location around Prague. So far, it’s a secret where, but there are still two years to go! So, take a chance and discover it now!


Manifesto Market

Manifesto Market

Manifesto Market

Manifesto Market

Manifesto Market


How to get to Manifesto Market

The Manifesto is located on the street Na Florenci, between the bus station Florenc and Masaryk train station. Since it was a brownfield, there is not a specific number. Just follow the bridge above your head and you will reach the entrance soon.


Address: Na Florenci, Prague

Map: click here




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