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Pragovka: The Secrets of Industrial Beauty

Pragovka takes you back to Czech history that is still visible everywhere around you! The area was built about one hundred years ago and changed over the communist era. Today it is an art center with a modern café that suits the spirit of this place. Let’s plan your coffee together with exploring galleries of local artists and enjoying various cultural activities.


The Story of Praga

The campus was born in 1907 as a car factory named Praga. For decades, it was the biggest manufacturing company located in Prague. In the golden age of the 1920s, about 3500 people lived and worked in this area. They called it in a familiar way Pragovka. With the onset of communism, the factory was nationalized and gradually reduced the production of cars. In 1964, the production of cars was suspended and revitalized only after 1989 when the competition was high. In 2004, the business closed completely. Pragovka falls into ruins for several years and then it was offered to the artists for their work.

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Kafe Pragovka

I heard about Pragovka several times from my friends and even parents who remember the famous history of Praga cars. However, the industrial district of Vysočany does not really attract me for a visit. What changed my mind was the festival Open Days with the commented visit of the whole compound that is not usually open to the public. Then I discovered this hidden gem with a special spirit of history. As many locations of Prague were already renovated, Pragovka still stands aside. Thanks to that, you can enjoy the visit to really an exceptional place.

Pragovka became a contemporary art district. Various artists have a space for their creative production and exhibition of their work. For the last two years, the area is open to the public. You can visit a retro Kafe Pragovka, enjoy projections of summer cinema, various concerts, and cultural events. I want to highly recommend check their program here and pick what is best suited for you.

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Pragovka Galleries

There is even a famous White room in Hall E that serves as an open gallery for various exhibitions of a local artist. In the whole compound, there are about one hundred artists having their own studios. So you can enjoy their work just from the first hand.



Pragovka Areal

Pragovka itself is huge and offers a real beauty of the industrial past. Unfortunately, the campus is not open to the public, but you can take an opportunity of the Open House festival that is organized every year in May. Then, you can have a commented walk with completely legal access. If you are curious about this forbidden part, have a look below.

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Future of Pragovka

Nowadays, Pragovka has its owners in London who are very open to the artist and various cultural programs. In the future, there is a development project that plans to build apartment houses and modern offices that would respect the spirit of the industrial space. If you like the old deteriorating places that are still waiting for their reconstruction, I would recommend you to visit also Kasárna Karlín or Invalidovna.


How to Get to Pragovka

The closest metro station Kolbenova is on the yellow line. When you exit the metro station, make sure you turn left on the street and continue for about 5 minutes walk, until you reach the gate Pragovka.


Address: Kolbenova 923/34a, Prague 9

Map: click here

Website: http://www.pragovka.com/

Facebook: Gallery https://www.facebook.com/pragovkagallery/ and Kafé Pragovka https://www.facebook.com/kafepragovka/

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