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La Bohéme Café: Secret Tip for the Best Coffee in Prague

This is a secret tip for coffee addicted! La Bohéme Café combines beautiful bohemian interior with the best coffee you can get in Prague. The quality is secured by the owner himself. Coffee beans are chosen in fair-trade plantations around the world and then carefully roasted until perfection by the professional team in Prague. Coming to La Bohéme Café, you will always get the best!


Bohemian Interior

I love La Bohéme Café for its beautiful interior and professional services. When I am around this place, I just like to jump inside, take a seat in a comfortable armchair and have a relax with my book and a cup of amazing coffee or tea. It’s also a great place for your meeting with a friend. There are private tables for two, just under the beautiful branch full of flowers. If you are coming with a bunch of friends, there are even bigger round tables for you. I believe you will find several reasons to come here for a freshly smelled cup of coffee.

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Philosophy of La Bohéme Café

During my last visit, I had a chance to speak with Eliška who recommend a filter coffee V60 and told me the philosophy of this café. The founder always wants to deliver the best quality of coffee, that is based on cultivation and manufacturing conditions. For this reason, he travels several months per year around Africa and South America, visiting the farmers and choosing the best of the best coffee beans right from plantations. For this quality, he pays farmers directly a fair price. You will even receive a picture of the farmer who grows beans of your freshly prepared cup of coffee.

When the coffee beans arrive in Prague, the special team of professionals dedicates hours to tasting and roasting them until perfection. La Bohéme Café even organizes training for cafés and restaurants to raise awareness about the quality of the coffee. There is no doubt that you will get the best here! What is even better, you can buy this coffee in beautiful packages and take it home, so you can have the best quality whenever you want.

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How to Get to La Bohéme Café

The closest metro station is Náměstí Míru on the green line, just a few steps from the city center and Havlíčkov sady. Since it’s not in the touristic area, you can have more privacy and enjoy Prague as local. When you exit the metro station, you will see a beautiful church of St. Ludmila, so walk around it until the Slezská street and take a left on the second street called Sázavská. Find a number 32 with a colorful parrot in a yellow circle. Here we go!

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Address: Sázavská 2031/32, Prague 2

Map: click here




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