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Sue Ryder: Project Beyond the Charity Shops

Slow living might be a modern trend. However, it will become a reality in every one life one day. Sue Ryder is a great project thanks to which you can try slow fashion, food, or quiet contemplation is the special chapel.


Charity Shops

You might already hear about Sue Ryder Charity shops. That’s a wonderful place where you can shop a slow fashion. You can find here a great choice of clothes, accessories, ceramics, glass, household equipment, books, and many more. Some pieces are donated right from big brands or fashion designers.

The idea behind the charity shops is to resell items of good value and quality. The profit is then used for the ongoing activities of the Senior House. I am also a frequent donor to charity shops. Several times per year, I sort all the things I am not wearing/using anymore and bring it to one of the charity shops. I really like the feeling that all these nice pieces can be used again, and the profit will support the care for the retired people.

Especially after the Christmas period and with the upcoming spring, it is the best timing for sorting out our belongings and consider to donate them. With Sue Ryder shops, you know exactly what is going to happen with your beloved items. So, don’t think twice. This is an excellent opportunity for you to do a good deed and refresh your living space. Check all the Sue Ryder charity shops around Prague, where you can donate your things.

Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder

Michelský dvůr

Sue Ryder is not only about slow fashion, but also about the slow lifestyle, of course. Besides the number of charity shops around Prague, the main center of Sue Ryder is in Michelský dvůr. I really like the venue of Michelský dvůr that will take you back in time. The location of Prague 4 is mostly a mixture of modern architecture. In the middle of that is standing this medieval complex from the 15th century. Let your imagination wander and step inside.

Once you enter the courtyard, you can see a restaurant Michelský dvůr where you have good food for a reasonable price (part of the price is a donation for the senior complex as well). Besides the restaurant, there is also a small theatre for various events, but also the gallery, chapel, and the Charity shop. In the backyard is a lovely garden. Everything is open to the public. So, don’t hesitate to step inside.

Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder

The Story Behind the Sue Ryder

You might guess that Sue Ryder is a name of foreign origin. You are right. Sue Ryder was a British lady serving in the army during WWII in secret operations. She knows the Czech parachutists who prepared the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich. However, Sue mostly worked with the Polish section of a resistance movement. In 1953, she found the Sue Ryder foundation that is active in 13 countries. Today, the Czech branch is financially independent of its founder.

Lady Sue Ryder attempted to open its branch in Czechoslovakia. However, it became possible only in 1994 with the fall of the Communist regime. She found the historical location of Michelský dvůr, invested in its reconstruction, and provided it for the care of retired people. Lady Sue died in 2000 at the age of 77 years. Today, the senior house is providing accommodation also to the survivors of concentration camps and air force veterans. The average age of the residents is 86 years. It means that the residents are outliving their founding donor.

Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder

How You Can Help

As I already mentioned charity shops, you can greatly contribute by donating the items that you don’t need anymore. Of course, shopping in the charity shops and spreading the information about their existence and location would be great support from your side.

One of the most significant contributions is a regular financial donation. If you have a spare few hundreds per month that you can regularly send to Sue Ryder, it will secure funding of ongoing activities. Check the options for donation to Sue Ryder.

Another way of support is an expert volunteering. If you are working in areas such as IT, PR, or marketing, Sue Ryder would really appreciate your time and expertise. If you have something to offer by your profession, do not hesitate to contact Denisa Ratajová ( and share your offer and ideas.

If you represent a company or agency, you might come up with plenty of ideas, how to accurately target your financial support. In this case, do not hesitate to get in touch with Denisa as well.

Sue Ryder

How to get to Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder has several charity shops around Prague. Check the list of Sue Ryder Shops, and don’t hesitate to explore these hidden gems with significant value. If you would like to visit the center of Sue Ryder in Michelský dvůr together with its restaurant, take a tram/bus to Michelská station, and walk about five minutes to the historical complex. If you are interested in social projects in general, I would also recommend you to check Pragulic.

Sue Ryder

Map of Sue Ryder

Website of Sue Ryder

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