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A Maze in Tchaiovna: Your Second Home in Prague

Are you tired of discovering all the touristic places and you just want to relax and feel like at home? Stop by in A Maze in Tchaiovna and you will find it.


Discover the way into the maze

This is the best place in Prague for ex-pats and English speakers from all around the world. And it’s a real maze!

Tchaiovna means a tea room in the Czech language. You can find a huge variety of teas served in funny hand-made pots. Each piece is original and it will definitely top on your experience. If you are not a fan of tea, you can have fresh juices and lemonades or beers from micro-breweries.

A Maze in Tchaiovna

A Maze in Tchaiovna

A Maze in Tchaiovna

A Maze in Tchaiovna

Cultural program

What is great about this place is an everyday evening program in English. Come here for improvisation show, concerts, stand-up comedies, language lessons for free, discussions know as Tea Talks or creative workshops. Just check the actual program here.

If you are not up to the cultural program or you just want to stop by during the day, you can just come with your book or pick one from their huge library, play one of the many board games or listen to music from original vinyl, and CDs. It’s just a really cool place to stop by.

At that’s is not all, the rest is up to you to discover!

A Maze in Tchaiovna

A Maze in Tchaiovna

A Maze in Tchaiovna

How to get to the Tchaiovna

Tchaiovna is located nearby the metro and the tram stop is Hradčanská. Then, you just cross the railway towards Restaurace Dejvická Sokolovna and take the right direction twice to the street Muchova 241/4. A Maze in Tchaiovna is in the basement, follow the beautiful handwritten sign with the teapot, so you cannot miss it.


Address: Kafkova 18

Map: click here




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