Maximus Resort
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Maximus Resort: Paradise in the Heart of Moravia

Imagine yourself sitting in the warm outside pool with a glass of champagne and magic steam around your body. You just spend a whole day in luxurious saunas and enjoyed wellness treatment. Sounds like a paradise? Yes, exactly!


Wellness at Maximus

The wellness is quite spacious, and it took me some time to discover it whole. You can enjoy 11 different saunas, both indoor and outdoor as well as steam baths. The centerpiece of the whole complex is the natural lake with refreshing water that you can enter only naked, so take double courage with you.

Just to pick up a sauna is like walking in the wonderland. You will find places like Alchemist’s cellar, Wine cellar, Herbal hut, Volcano, Tropical one and similar delights. My favorite one was definitely the salt sauna, then I had a relax in the Wine cellar with lower temperature and finished in the amazing natural lake.

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If you have enough of the sauna, you can enjoy beautiful indoor and outdoor relaxing spaces, jump into one of the whirlpools or thermal pool. I definitely enjoyed the most outdoor pool that is spacious enough for your privacy. For relax, I completely fell in love with indoor rattan rocking chairs that are gently swinging with your body.


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How to get to the Maximus Resort

Maximus Resort is located about 10 kilometers north of Brno, nearby the Brno water reservoir. The easiest way is to come by car since Maximus has a spacious parking lot.

When you are finished with your wellness, I highly recommend having a walk by the water reservoir called “Brněnská přehrada”. You can even catch a boat and sail to the nearby castle “Veveří”. It would be only a final cherry on the cake for your amazing weekend.


Address: Hrázní 327/4a, 635 00 Brno-Kníničky

Map: click here