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Vnitroblock: The Secret of One Courtyard

When I tried to find Vnitroblock for the first time, I think I must be in the wrong place. I can’t believe there will be something amazing in this stale building. Then I entered into the fresh and modern interior and immediately fall in love with this place.


What I really love about this industrial space is that it always surprises me. For the first time, I admired a huge space made of bricks and vintage furniture combined with modern style. The second time I discovered a small cinema and exhibition room. The third time I found a new concert studio, stage for cultural performances and an outdoor sitting area with an old school bus. This place has a huge potential to surprise you even further! The authors behind this project also established well know Kavárna o hledá jméno, meaning “café that is looking for its name”.


Designed Indoor

It is a real multi functional place. You can come here just for a drink to chat with your friends, to take your book and lie down on one of the sofas or work quietly everywhere you like with your laptop. There is a huge choice of Botas shoes so you can even do your shopping and check the latest trends. What is great, you can even hire a private meeting room called “Aquarium” that accommodates up to 15 people.

If you want to enjoy some culture, there are always some art exhibitions. Small cinema has quite regular projections for a maximum of 20 people. Check their program on Facebook and enjoy workshops, discussions or various events. You can even organize your own event here.

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Wild Outdoor

What is currently under the reconstruction is the outdoor sitting area. It’s an open courtyard with huge potential. You can find here a yellow school bus that was brought from the US and taste American burgers or Italian sandwiches there. I guess this is not the final surprise and more plans are coming.

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How to get to Vnitroblock

Vnitroblock is located in Holešovice district. Every time I look at the map of Prague, my focus is on the small peninsula that looks like Manhattan in New York. Do you see it as well right? So this district is not called Wall Street, but Holešovice.

Nearby, you can find an experimental theatre Jatka78. It is a very interesting place to visit, especially with having in mind that the hall is a former slaughterhouse.

The easiest way is to take a tram to Tusarova or Dělnická tram stop. Vnitroblock is just on the half way from both of them. You can also enter it from Tusarova 31 or Dělnická 32.


Address: Tusarova 31, Prague 7

Map: click here

Website: https://vnitroblock.cz/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vnitroblock/