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Kokořínsko: Magic of the Deep Forrest

Kokořínsko is completely my hearth issue. It’s an area full of deep forests, magical nature, beautiful castles, traditional restaurants, and typical Czech pubs. I grow up in this area and spend practically my childhood here. I would love to show you around my favorite places and share my secret tips for your future visit.


Kokořínsko is located about 40 km north of Prague. It’s well-known for beautiful nature, numerous hiking and cycling paths, medieval castle and various formations from sandstone, such as Pokličky, and many more.



Harasov is a gorgeous natural lake where you can swim and sunbathe on the beaches around. What I really like about this place is a beautiful hotel on the shore of the lake that falls into ruins over time. Recently, renovation started. So, we can expect a restaurant and accommodation with an amazing view of the lake in the near future.

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Kokořín Castle

Castle itself is the main landmark of this area, which is actually hidden in a deep forest. You need to follow touristic marks that will navigate you up the hill. Then you will have the first sight at the beauty of this medieval gem. Once you cross the wooden bridge from the forest to the medieval courtyard, you will feel like in a real fairy-tale. You can have a guided tour in the castle and around the medieval ramparts. I personally prefer to just climb a medieval tower where you have an amazing view of the endless deep forest.

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This sandstone formation looks like giant mushrooms that just grow before your eyes when you approach them. You need to overcome steep stairs first and then you are rewarded by the slowly revealing beauty of this natural jewel.

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Devil Heads in Želízy

The Devil Heads are sometimes called the “creepiest place in the Czech Republic.” Two enormous demonic faces are about 9 meters high, which is something unique for the Czech Republic. They are also the largest carved heads in the world. You can find it in a small village called Želízy.

Devil Heads

How to Get to Kokořínsko

Kokořínsko is located about a one-hour drive north of Prague. The best option is definitely to take a car since there is neither a train nor a bus stop around. There is just one main road that takes you from Harasov to the castle and continues to Pokličky. The distance between Harasov and Pokličky is about 6 km. Castle is located in between and you can take an opportunity of various restaurants on the way. I would definitely recommend Restaurant Pobuda and Hotel Kokořín, which is newly renovated with a high quality of services.