Máj lookout
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Máj Lookout: Hidden Gem Near Prague

Do you feel like you want to get out of the city straight away but not having time for a whole day hiking? Just a few kilometers south of Prague you will find this hidden gem called “Vyhlídka Máj”.


Máj Lookout

Just take a bus or car to the village called Teletín and follow the yellow tourist mark. The time spent hiking in exchange for this breathtaking lookout at Vltava river is an unbeatable deal.

This wonderful natural surrounding attracts campers and hikers for more than hundred years. Just opposite side of the river is the first campers settlement called “Ztracenka” where people enjoyed their one-day weekends with friends. Now, you can find plenty of small log houses along the river, that are hidden as small gems in the forest.

If you are coming especially for taking professional photos, you will have better conditions afternoon. Early morning, this beautiful lookout is rather in shade. I would recommend visiting this amazing place in every session of the year, from spring to winter, and you will always have an unforgettable experience.


Dam on Vltava River

Enjoying the view from Máj, on your left hand you can see the dam called “Slapská přehrada”. You can extend your hiking experience by two hours or take a car for 15 minutes to the edge of the dam.

The dam itself was built during the Soviet period in 1950. You can have a walk in 60 meters height and cross the Vltava river on the other side.

The area of the water reservoir is called “Slapy”. You can find here a number of sandy and grassy beaches and dive into the refreshing water.

2. Dam Slapy e1528320906364

3. Dam Slapy e1528320952352


Walk by the Vltava

The most picturesque part of the trip is actually on the other side of the river. From the dam to the village called Štěchovice, you just walk by the river bypassing beautiful views, log houses and you will also get to the famous settlement “Ztracenka”. It will make this trip a whole day experience, but it is definitely worth it!

4. Vltava river e1528321106907

7. Path by Vltava e1528321149384

6. Path by Vltava e1528321181618

8. Path by Vltava e1528321224875

10. Log houses by Vltava e1528321297981

11. Vltava river e1528321325650


How to get to Vyhlídka Máj

If you wish to visit only the lookout, the easiest way is to take a car and park it in nearby village Krňany-Teletín. If you plan a hiking trip across the river, it is better to take a bus from Prague – Smíchovské nádraží and change in Štěchovice. The exact time schedule you can find here.

On the way back, we walk from Máj lookout alongside the river back to Štěchovice. So you can have a direct bus from here back to Prague – Smíchovské nádraží.