Museum of Senses Prague
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Museum of Senses: Augmented Reality for Your Senses

Are you ready for a completely sensual experience? Challenge your senses in perfectly designed installations in the Museum of Senses. Discover your reaction in situations that you would not be exposed in your everyday life.


Secrets Inside of Museum of Senses

Museum of Senses takes you for a journey of discovery. In the beginning, you need to find a way through the mirror maze; then you experience life in darkness and the wild jungle where the water flows upwards and many more. Then, you will get to the area where you can test optical illusions and play games with different senses. My favorite experience is lying on the bed with hundreds of nails. Surprisingly, it’s a great relax and relieve, no pain at all.

You will find several “secret” rooms and each of it reveals some surprise. My favorite one is a room full of mirrors changing the color where you feel like a complete superstar. The most photographed room is a bathroom with a toilet where everything is upside down. We had the most fun in a room where you became giant and dwarf. The most challenging part of the museum for me was a rotating tunnel where I had a complete feeling of dizziness.

You can find over 50 different exhibits that challenge different parts of your senses. The whole exhibition is very interactive and photogenic, and you will leave this place with memorable pictures. You will have fun with your friends or with kids; the age does not play a role in having this fun. At the end of the exhibition, you will find a table zone with several games where we spend more time than expected.

Museum of Senses Prague

Museum of Senses Prague

Museum of Senses Prague


How the Museum of Senses Was Born

Museum was opened recently, in September 2017, close by the Venceslav Square. The masterminds behind this idea are three friends from Slovenia and Croatia. All of them have small kids who like to discover new museums and educational parks. They missed something like this in Prague, and the idea strikes their mind. They found an interesting place in Jindřišská street that belongs to the Baťa family and managed to turn it into a museum in four months.

The concept of this museum became popular, and now these friends are expanding with the idea to Bucharest, Zagreb and other European cities. If you want to experience it with your senses, stop by every day from 9:00 to 21:00. We had great fun with my friend, and I believe you will have as well!

Museum of Senses Prague

Museum of Senses Prague


How to get to the Museum of Senses:

The closest tram stop is called Jindřišská, just next to the Jindřišská tower and Edison FilmHub. You can get there by numbers 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 14, 24. Another alternative is metro Můstek, but it’s quite tricky to find the right exit if you are not local, so the tram is a safer option.

Museum of Senses Prague


Address: Jindřišská 939/20

Map: click here